Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) spoke with Brian Kilmeade about supporting his friend Jeff Sessions running for the Senate in Alabama, not seeing anything impeachable against President Trump and how democrats latching onto President Trump's phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky is sad and sucking all the oxygen out of Washington's ability to pass trade deals. Senator Cornyn also discussed the possibility of facing off against Beto O'Rouke or Julian Castro when he runs for reelection in 2020 and expressed concern about Republicans getting lazy in Texas, pointing to Beto O'Rouke running a close campaign against Senator Ted Cruz which he feels has emboldened Democrats in Texas.

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Brian Kilmeade: And support him if he's leading in the polls. And as was pointed out by Senator Lankford -- was it Senator Lankford? It seems like everything is bleeding into the next. Senator Rubio and , they couldn't have been more adversarial. They get along great. Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz has got the president's back. I could never believe. I was at the RNC when he was there ripping the president on his nominee -- formal nominations, which, by the way, just one of the many surreal moments in the history of politics. As the president walks in and Ted Cruz is vilifying him and his family at the RNC. It's crazy, but he's made up with just about everybody. Lindsey Graham. He gave out his cell number. So, -- and they're buddies. So, maybe they can get over this. So, I'm going to take some questions. 1-866-408-7669, Senator next. But just to come back here to KRMG Studios, where a special thanks to -- I want to get this right.

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Ellen Lucas:

Ellen Lucas. Brian Kilmeade: Hey, Ellen.

Ellen Lucas: How are you?

Brian Kilmeade: What's on your mind? Former New Yorker.

Ellen Lucas: Former New Yorker, lived there for actually 15 years when I've figured it out. Love Oklahoma and intend to stay here. But question was and really for you, I was a political science major in college because actually, I like history. I like government. I liked all of that. Now, as time wears on, and you look at the environment that we're in, and you look at the ineffective way that people are acting in, you know, in Congress or other places in government. Not necessarily all because they don't want to be effective, but it's become so gridlocked.

Brian Kilmeade: I know.

Ellen Lucas: How do you end up even trying to have young people have an interest -- to serve?

Brian Kilmeade: Our best hope is for more military men and women to get involved on both sides of the aisle. They're already showing they care more about the country than themselves. So, let's continue with that mindset in there. So, I'm always pleased to have that.

Ellen Lucas: How does somebody who likes results, who wants achievement, who has been in their own business and wants to do well? How do they exist in that environment?

Brian Kilmeade: Well -- and thanks so much for the question. I always say this. We're not the first generation to have problems. Keep passing things in Congress. It was set up to go slow, I get it. But I do think as much as when the Tea Party started and when now this other movement started on the left with the AOC and the squad and does extreme behavior, they're never gonna have a big constituency. But it makes others -- and I know I hate to say this, afraid to say anything because then they get primaried. My hope is, after this election, if the president wins, I think the fever breaks, especially in the first year and a half. And it becomes -- that becomes in to cut a deal. And we're going to be talking about deals that the president got the most out of and other ones he didn't. And some, he's going to go back and get better deals. Or the next president, whether it's Nikki Haley or Tulsi Gabbard. I think after a while, there are gonna be people in office they care more about their country than their party. But right now, it is political death to cut an innovative deal. We're going to take a time out. Thanks so much for the question. We're going to take a time out and then go to Senator John Cornyn of Texas, who is in Washington. He might be able to answer your questions. Probably the first one I'll ask him. And then down the road, in about 90 minutes, I'll be sending Sam Houston, the Alamo Avengers, out on Tuesday. I just met someone related to Sam Houston. I'm going to dig that story out in just a moment.

Jeff Sessions: I just cannot see an impeachment case here. It's just been a continuous political attack on him from day one. Things that people have done that are perfectly innocent. I felt some of that myself or created and twisted to be something evil and improper. The president has conducted himself in this matter within the law, and I don't believe there's anything close to an impeachment case. I think that Democrats will basically vote it -- it looks like -- slink away and let the Senate reject it.

Brian Kilmeade: I'm just worried he's going to be way too commonplace after this. Senator -- the former senator Jeff Sessions, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, weighing in on the magnitude of the impeachment case in front of the American people right now. Joining us now from Texas, from Washington, but Texas Senator John Cornyn. Round of applause here in Oklahoma. Senator, Senator.

Senator Cornyn: applaud for a Texan.

Brian Kilmeade: Yeah. Can you believe that? They're being very nice, but they have respect for you, sir, like most people do. Even Democrats say nice things about you. They just don't want to admit it. KRMG studios where we're coming from. Senator, do you want Jeff Sessions to run again?

Senator Cornyn: Well, Jeff Sessions is my friend, and I think he has conducted himself honorably through a very, very difficult period of time. And I think he's got every right to run. And I expect him to be the nominee and to win. So, I'll be trying to help every way I can.

Brian Kilmeade: All right. So, he has your support, and you have a lot of weight on the Republican side. And are you concerned about losing the Senate with all the money pouring in to take it away?

Senator Cornyn: Yeah, other than Alabama, Brian, we are playing defense because, you know. Places like Colorado, Maine, Arizona and North Carolina are some vulnerabilities for us. And we don't know in this topsy-turvy election season exactly what November 2020 is going to look like. But we're determined to hold the line. And really, the Senate is the firewall for really bad things happening in the country if things are to go south.

Brian Kilmeade: Have you seen anything in this impeachment inquiry as we get ready for public hearings that would change your support for the president?

Senator Cornyn: No, I haven't. You know, impeachment is a historic and really an event that has happened. This will be the fourth time in American history. It's never resulted in the removal of the president, even though Richard Nixon did resign. But I think what the Democrats are latching a hold of this telephone call as an impeachable offense is really sad. And I think we're going to be -- all the oxygen is going to be sucked out of Washington in terms of our ability to do other important things, like pass trade deals, lower prescription drug costs, pass a bill that improve our highways, bridges. All sort of basic fundamentals that people expect Congress to do. We're not going to be able to do any of that because of this impeachment mania one year before the next general election. It just doesn't make any sense to me.

Brian Kilmeade: So, right now, no one's running against you. Beto O'Rourke, it was is a big decision for him. He was the rock star for a while. Should he run against John Cornyn to run for president? I don't know if you heard, but the run for president didn't go well. "I'm going to take your gun and take down the wall" is not as popular as one would think on first blush. So, are you worried about him coming after you now?

Senator Cornyn: Well, the filing deadline is December that night. And so Julian Castro, or Beto O'Rourke could decide to get in the Senate race. You may not have noticed because nobody really knows who they are, but they're actually 10 other people who have said they're going to run for the Democratic nomination for the Senate. So, the close race between Beto and Ted Cruz in 2018 has emboldened Democrats and they're coming. And they think they could turn Texas around, but we aim to prove them wrong.

Brian Kilmeade: But it is changing. And how concerned are you that the influx of Californians especially is changing the Texas that you knew?

Senator Cornyn: Well, I never thought that refugees from socialism would want to repeat the mistakes that have been made in California and Texas. But I think, you know, to be honest, I think Republicans have gotten a little lazy in Texas. We've just assumed that we would always win these statewide races in the general election because we have since 1994 when George W. Bush was elected governor. But we've seen a huge surge in turnout. There were 8.3 million people who voted in 2018. We expect 11 million to vote in 2020. But we've got to go out and make the case and we have to push back against those who say socialism is the answer, because that's not the Texas model that's made us the envy of the rest of the country and indeed of the rest of the world.

Brian Kilmeade: Senator, I'm up against a break, but in researching Sam Houston and the Alamo Avengers, and spending so much time in Texas, I have a special coming out on the 17th on how Texas won their freedom. That is everything Texas is not. They want nothing handed to them.

Senator Cornyn: Absolutely, and Brian --