Just days after announcing he would run against President Donald Trump as a Republican, former congressman Joe Walsh sat with Fox News Rundown host Dave Anthony to discuss his campaign.

In the interview released earlier this week, Walsh explained how he went from one of the President's most vocal supporters to one of his most impassioned critics. He went after the President hard, calling him 'erratic', 'nuts' and a 'racial arsonist'. However, throughout the conversation he also weighed in on the current state of the Republican party, our divided country and some of his own past controversial remarks that some have called 'racist'.

The former conservative talk radio host had so much to say, we couldn't get all in a single segment.

On the Fox News Rundown Extra this week, you'll hear our full interview with Joe Walsh. He explains why he thinks he can win the "hearts and minds" of Trump voters who he believes are like him and getting tired of the President's 'child-like' behavior and 'lies'.

In the extended version, he also goes after conservative media and accuses some of its biggest stars of being dishonest about their support for Mr. Trump.