President Trump has doubled down on claims that Jewish Americans who vote Democrat are disloyal to Israel. The president has been trying to tie the Democrat Party to two Congresswomen who support a boycott of Israel. However, several Jewish American groups have condemned the President’s “disloyalty” remarks, some even calling them anti-Semitic. Former Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman, the first and only Jewish candidate on a major party’s presidential ticket in US history, joins the Rundown to weigh in on the President’s comments and concerns that support for Israel is now becoming a partisan issue. PLUS: FOX’s Trey Yingst reports from Jerusalem on how Israelis are responding to this.

Police Officer suicides are up. That’s according to multiple advocacy groups who are urging departments across the country to address this growing problem. On the Fox News Rundown, police psychologist Ellen Kirschman and retired NYPD detective Thomas Ruskin discuss why they think more cops are ending their lives and what efforts can be made to get them help before it’s too late.

And … Commentary by Todd Starnes, host of The Todd Starnes Show on Fox News Talk