It’s difficult to think of death as being a happy ending, especially when the person dying is a beautiful young wife, and mother of four children. But the story of  Kara Tippetts– pastor’s wife, mommy blogger and best-selling author– becomes one of triumph in the hands of filmmakers Jay and Sofia Lyons.  Their documentary film, The Long Goodbye: The Kara Tippetts Story, has just been released, and follows Kara through her last few years as she battles stage-four breast cancer. In this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast,  the Lyons’ talk about how Kara, in dying, taught them a lot about how to live. Kara says in the trailer, “Why is it so many people withhold love?” It’s a line that is at once convicting and uplifting. Love is the answer. It always has been; even for someone, “leaving the party early,” as Sofia says.  Death is something everyone will face. In watching Kara, we all get to thumb our nose at death and say, “You don’t have the final word!”