President Donald Trump looks over at the media as he arrives at the White House in Washington, Tuesday, July 30, 2019, as the returns from Virginia. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Donald Trump Jr. spoke with Brian Kilmeade about the democrats continuing to call President Trump racist over his attacks on Rep Cummings and Baltimore, 2020 democrat presidential candidates attacking President Obama's legacy and never feeling any pressure during the Mueller probe.

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SEN. MICHAEL BENNET, (D-CO) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: First of all, the President's racist rhetoric such be enough grounds for everybody in the country to vote him out of office.

JULIAN CASTRO, (D) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: The President is a racist and that was just one more example of it.


JAY INSLEE, (D) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We can no longer allow a white nationalist to be in the White House.


BRIAN KILMEADE, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: That is some of the ridiculous rhetoric that went unchecked and unchallenged last night at the Democratic debate. It was debate two, night two.

Joining us now, Donald Trump Jr. obviously has a different feeling about that. Don, do you ever get over and get use to the natural way in which Democrats seem to be comfortable calling your dad a racist?

DONALD TRUMP JR., EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, THE TRUMP ORGANIZATION: No, and honestly, Brian, it's getting disgusting at this point. I mean, the reality is this, you know, screaming racism has been become sort of the easy button of left-wing politics, right? It's what you say when facts don't back you up. It's what you say when the numbers don't line up.

I remember, you know, as recently as a few weeks ago, math -- math, all of a sudden, became racist. And it's a shame. And the real reason it's a shame is because there are people still afflicted by racism, not everyone in the world, not every problem is caused by this but it is real.

And when you throw that easy button out there every time, it does a disservice to those who are actually afflicted by it. Because now people hear it, you know, they -- they go, oh, yes, here we go again. They roll their eyes and they move on.

And that's a shame. I mean, the Baltimore example is probably one of the better ones, but there's thousands of them. You know, it wasn't racist when Baltimore's own major said the same thing. It wasn't racist when Elijah Cummings said the same thing.

KILMEADE: Hey, you want to hear Elijah Cummings say it? Let's hear Elijah Cummings say it. The year is 1999 he's still congressman from Maryland. Cut 38.


REP. ELIJAH CUMMINGS, (D-MD): This morning, I left my community of Baltimore, a drug infested area, where a lot of the drugs that we are talking about today have already taken the lives of so many children"


KILMEADE: And he went on from there. Infested, how dare he use that word about his own community?

TRUMP JR.: How -- how dare you? How dare you, Brian? And you know, the -- he must be a racist. I mean, those are the rules, right? I'm just playing by their rules. I didn't make these rules.

But you know, that's what going on and it -- and it's terrible. You know, this is, you know, a reality. I mean, they talk about and all these people and they jump to his defenses. He's done such a wonderful job for Baltimore. Elijah Cummings has been a champion for Baltimore for 40 years.

OK. You know what? Baltimore is so wonderful. And I get it; people love their city and all that. But like, name a metric by which you could say Baltimore is a success story. Name one. Do it, show me.

I mean, for 40 years, he's been championing it and he's doing such a wonderful job. Show me why it's good.

That doesn't mean that people don't love their city. That doesn't mean that people don't feel an allegiance to the city. But like, seriously, show me a place where you can genuinely say that Elijah Cummings has done a good job. That Baltimore is operating in a great fashion. That we can't do better for its citizens.

KILMEADE: I hear you and --

TRUMP JR.: We can do a lot better for its citizens. You know? The -- the number one way that we can fix cities like Baltimore, and all the other cities that are so struggling and inner cities that are struggling, would be maybe stop electing Democrats. Stop just giving them the ball arbitral ally. Their policies have failed for decades.

You can't point to a success story. But they're very well entrenched there and, you know, they keep getting elected, which is perpetuating the cycle, right. That's the problem.

It's Einstein's definition of insanity, right? Doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting different results. Well, guess what? You did something different in 2016, you elected Donald Trump and look at the results.

You know, I loved the debates last night. Seeing these people, well, we're going to do something that -- we're going to brings jobs back.

Donald Trump brought in 6 million new jobs --


TRUMP JR.: -- Brian, in two and half years. Unprecedented, OK?

If Obama lost 200,000 jobs a quarter, it would be a big victory for him. I mean, and the media would be saying he's the greatest economic president of all time. It's insanity.

KILMEADE: But Don, guess who had a hard time last night --


TRUMP JR.: Look at the unemployment numbers for African-Americans, for Hispanics, and these guys are going to fix it? Joe Biden's going to create more jobs by saying, "Hey, we're not going to have any fossil fuels, no coal, no gas. We won't utilize our own natural resources. Guess what? We'll just import it from our enemies. You know, we'll get the stuff from the Middle East. Maybe we should beholden to Russia because they'll keep doing it."

I mean, what does that do to the blue-collar Joe voter that he claims he has?


TRUMP JR.: I think it destroys them.

KILMEADE: Well, the other thing is -- the other thing is they have a problem with Barack Obama. If you look at all of the criticisms of Joe Biden, they are criticizing Barack Obama. So the president thought --

TRUMP JR.: Oh, and by the way --


KILMEADE: -- he was running against the Obama's --

TRUMP JR.: -- I said that -- I tweeted earlier on my social media account.

You know, I basically said, "Well, it's great that they've finally woken up to Obama's disastrous policies and -- and they're hitting Joe Biden for it now." But you know, that's the reality, I mean they keep talking about this nostalgia of the Obama era. What did he do for us?

KILMEADE: I hear you.

TRUMP JR.: Economically or otherwise. It's nonsense. Now, if those same Democrats rather than perpetuating outrage, rather than just being outraged about everything, and they throw their hand up in the air and they scream and yell.

How about this? Why don't they get off their butts, maybe work with Donald Trump for a change? Maybe actually embrace some of what he's doing, recognize that he's creating jobs, recognize that he's fixing the economy, recognize that he's turning around the mess of the last eight years and actually work with him?

Then, we can maybe implement infrastructure. How about Canada and Mexico? They've signed onto the USMCA, why don't we get that in front of Congress?

KILMEADE: Well, hopefully we'll get a vote on that.

TRUMP JR.: Why don't we make them vote on it? They just can't give Donald Trump a win for the American worker and by doing that.

They're not hurting Donald Trump, they're hurting the American worker they're pretending to care about, but we all know that these pretending, you know, this pretend -- this is what they've done for decades. And so, you know, they're just showing their true colors and it's sad.

KILMEADE: So -- so Don, a couple of things stood out last night. And one thing is, in the courts, you guys seem to be on a -- on a bit of a roll, for you personally and the organization. Now that the Mueller probe is done, and Mueller has been exposed and it's out there, do you personally feel like the Trump Organization has the pressure coming off a little bit because the Southern District of New York and --

TRUMP JR.: Well, Brian, you know, the reality is I never felt the pressure because it was always nonsense. You know, people were like, oh, man, I must have been terrible.

Like, yes, it's a nuisance. You know, it cost a lot of money. They'd sit there, they tried to bankrupt me. They'd try to -- you know, I mean, they spent two and half years trying to throw me in jail for nothing.

Like, I guess there's some pressure. But you know, the reality is, you know, I was there, I lived it. There -- it was the greatest hoax every perpetrated on the American people. They're going to continue to try to push that.

Now, the reality is, because I lived it, I realized that it was nonsense. But this is all they have Brian. They're still hanging onto it. They're still -- Nancy Pelosi last week, "Well, he still may be an agent of the Russians." You know?

KILMEADE: I got it.

TRUMP JR.: Bob Mueller, after his -- I mean, that testimony was a disaster. I mean, he's up there, Mr. Mueller, have you ever heard of Bob Mueller? I'm -- I'm not sure.

KILMEADE: I hear you. Hey, Don, we're up against a break. Thanks so much for joining me. It's going to be a fun 2019 into 2020. Brian Kilmeade Show.