President Trump held a media availability to react to former special counsel Robert Mueller's testimony to the House Judiciary Committee and the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday. The president called the hearings a "disgrace" and a "devastating day" for the Democratic party. He also said the party "hurt themselves badly" and it will affect the 2020 vote. "I think we're going to win bigger than ever," Trump said of his 2020 prospects.

Trump 2020 Campaign National Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, said it was a bad day for Democrats and that the ambiance at the Trump campaign headquarters was "rightfully upbeat."

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Guy Benson [00:00:00] There are a number of long faces around D.C. and New York over the last 24 hours or so is the media coming to grips with what happened yesterday with Robert Mueller and his testimony. Listen to cut 21 here's just a short montage of what some of the other news channels were talking about and saying as they started to realize maybe this isn't exactly what they were all rooting for.

**SOUND BITE** [00:00:25] There were times in the hearing when he was sharp as a tack. But we can't avoid the fact that there were times in the hearing that he was not.

**SOUND BITE** [00:00:32] They needed to bring the report to light. There you go. Well it didn't come to life. It's still slumbering in fact it is a deep sleep.

**SOUND BITE** [00:00:41] Bob Mueller is not a made for TV guy and we live in a made for TV society.

**SOUND BITE** [00:00:46] If you do not have that viral movie trailer moment.

**SOUND BITE** [00:00:49] A lot of Democrats in particular use the D word and branded this a disaster on optics. This was a disaster. But don't you look who's winning now. It certainly seems like Donald Trump was winning.

Guy Benson [00:01:00] Well joining me now is Kayleigh McEnany from the Trump campaign 2020 she is national press secretary and Kayleigh that last clip we heard there from CNN Of all places. Look who's winning now. It certainly seems like Donald Trump is winning Visa V the Mueller testimony yesterday. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you agree with that piece.

Kayleigh McEnany [00:01:21] Oh I do. It's rare that I agree with the mainstream media. But I certainly do in this case and I mean it was unanimous. You had two big Sunday show hosts from Chuck Todd to Chris Wallace calling it a disaster... ABC's Terry Moran saying impeachment is over. DAVID AXELROD, OBAMA top senior adviser, saying this was very very painful. The consensus was unanimous. But what was so interesting to watch was the Democrat press conference after where you had Nancy Pelosi and Nadler in this alternate universe Pelosi talking about a cover up that they're talking about the next steps. It's like getting grand jury material they will not give up their conspiracy theories. It was interesting to watch the contrast between the media and congressional Democrats.

Guy Benson [00:02:10] Kayleigh one of the things that we've been hearing now in the aftermath of yesterday's two hearings including on this show I played in the first segment today during the open opening monologue Andy McCarthy was on the show and he was a former prosecutor at the federal level he knows all these big players. And he said it was clear to him based on watching those hours of testimony yesterday that Robert Mueller was not in charge of his own investigation. If that's true it begs the question well who was, and in cut 8 there was a question asked by one of the Republican congressmen of Mueller running through a lot of the donations and political affiliations of Mueller's team. Listen to cut 8 then I'd like to get your reaction.

Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-ND) [00:02:52] **SOUND BITE** Do you agree that your office did not only have an obligation to operate with independence but to operate with the appearance of independents as well.

Robert Mueller [00:02:58] **SOUND BITE** Absolutely. We strove to do that over the two years.

Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-ND) [00:03:00] **SOUND BITE** And you must be aware by now that six of your lawyers donated twelve thousand dollars directly to Hillary Clinton. I'm not even talking about the forty nine thousand they donated to other Democrats. Just the donations to the opponent who is the target of your investigation.

Robert Mueller [00:03:14] **SOUND BITE** Can I speak for a second to the hiring practices?

Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-ND) [00:03:16] **SOUND BITE** Sure.

Robert Mueller [00:03:18] **SOUND BITE** We strove to hire those individuals that could do the job. I've been in this business for almost 25 years and those 25 years I have not had occasion once to ask somebody about their political affiliation. It is not done. What I care about is the capability of the individual to do the job and do the job quickly and seriously and with integrity.

Guy Benson [00:03:41] That was the question from Kelly Armstrong a Republican from North Dakota and Mueller's answer there Kayleigh. Fair enough. You know you don't go through and say hey are you a Republican New York Democrat who have you donated to. I think the objection that some Republicans had and you know I was a defender of the Mueller investigation. I made this point as well. It's also about appearances. And when you have a team that has overwhelmingly disproportionately donated in one direction and given zero dollars for example of their personal money to the Trump campaign it at least looks bad and it looks especially bad now when they were I think serious questions being asked about how much control Mueller actually had over this whole process.

Kayleigh McEnany [00:04:22] That's exactly right. And as Mueller himself said later in his testimony this was a unique case it was unique because this is not your conventional litigation where of course you know you would not necessarily be interested in the attorney's partisan opinion. But in this case you were talking about investigating a sitting president based on Democrat opposition research that made its way into a dossier and was used by a FISA court to justify a warrant to spy on Trump campaign officials. So this is a unique case that where it's two political parties essentially pitted against one another and questions about the wrongdoing at the. Democrats in this one would think you'd want to balance it out. Have a little of both. Because as Mueller said this was a unique case though he refused to admit it in the context of what you just played.

Guy Benson [00:05:12] I wonder how you guys were watching this yesterday. Where were you guys your team were you all together in a rapid response type posture or you will various at various places all around the country? What was sort of the internal process where you guys started to realize-- I think pretty early on that maybe this wasn't going the way that Jerry Nadler for example may have drawn it up in his dreams?

Kayleigh McEnany [00:05:37] Yeah we were all here at campaign headquarters and we fit in pretty close proximity and can hear in one another's offices it was pretty evident that there was an ecstatic demeanor among our our communications that we knew this was a very bad day for Democrats. Especially when we heard the media reaction after the first hearing. We knew this had blown up in their faces and it was pretty evident that Robert Mueller did not bring life to the book and create an elaborate movie that America would be interested. In fact as one commentator said and it appears the book was more interested in the movie this time around. So it is safe to say the demeanor here at the Trump campaign headquarters was rightfully upbeat.

Guy Benson [00:06:23] Meanwhile there's a new Fox News poll out yesterday. The president's job approval rating has ticked up a little bit. He's at 46 percent approval now there's a few other polls that have him in that ballpark 46 47 48 which for him has been relatively good. It's still underwater by about five points. But in the same poll, his economic approval rating on the economy specifically that issue said he's at plus eleven I believe is 52 percent approve 41 percent disapprove. That's obviously a much better number for him. I of course have my theories that I've talked about on the air. When you guys are looking at the gap between his economic approval and his overall approval to what do you attribute that gap and how are you going to work as a campaign to try to narrow that gap.

Kayleigh McEnany [00:07:11] Well we don't put much stock in an approval rating in conventional polling right now by any stretch. We think that there's a significant number who don't show up at the polls, don't answer pollsters so we don't put a kind of stock in that. But what we will say is you know as James Carville said, "it's the economy stupid." And it is the economy. And when this comes down to it, you're going to have voters who in the privacy of that that moment when they have their ballot are going to tax the president's name. They're not going to answer a pollster, but they do approve of the Trump economy. They do approve of the policies of the president, and they're going to vote for President Trump. So you know we're very confident that we are on firm footing her. We think the president has majority approval rating, despite what public polling says. We're working every day who stand the base so we think we're going to get more black voters, more Hispanic voters and more female voters. And we're working with our coalition team to make sure that our inclination that we can grow and expand on these communities becomes a reality.

Guy Benson [00:08:12] Although that didn't really happen in 2018 right. I mean the midterms did not go well among some of the groups that you just mentioned why do you why are you more optimistic for 2020? Because the economy was pretty darn good in 2018 too and the Democrats won 40 House seats net.

Kayleigh McEnany [00:08:29] Yeah and we think that that's a different case because President Trump isn't on the ballot. You know people say oh well figuratively he was on the ballot in 2018 well literally he will be on the ballot in 2020. His name will physically be printed there, and we do believe that that pulls out a whole coalition of the Reagan Democrats if you will who have now become Trump Democrats. So we do think it pulls out a new coalition and we think when we take the case that the present policy to the people is going to pull out new voters like criminal justice reform are the historic lows in unemployment for minority communities. We have a lot of good to share with the American people that they would not have otherwise heard if they're just tuning in to conventional cable news.

Guy Benson [00:09:10] Kayleigh there was a POLITICO poll that showed that a plurality of voters nationwide believe that the so-called squad represent the views of the Democratic Party in general in Washington D.C.. That has to be a polling nugget that is very welcome in the Trump campaign headquarters. Do you feel like tying the squad to Democrats it's apparently working in the short term will it continue to be sustainable longer term especially after the Democrats have an actual nominee?

Kayleigh McEnany [00:09:41] Absolutely we believe so. You know it's important for us to share as voters that the squad they are the leaders of the Democrat Party. AOC and these radical who lead the way. It's why every Democrat on the debate stage raised their hand in favor of health care for illegal immigrants. You can't you can't exist in this party without taking these extreme positions. You can't become the nominee without this. And the squad, you know as you noted, a plurality see them as a leader and we welcome that because you have a Ilhan Omar with a 9 percent approval according to a Democrat poll leaked to Axios, and AOC with a 22 percent approval rating. So these faces of the party have very unwelcome views their hostility toward America their hostility towards Israel. They're anti-Semitic comments. We need America to see that what we are up against is a very dangerous radical ideology. No matter who the nominee is no matter who they will be tied to the comments of AOC and Ilhan Omar and we are making sure that that is known to the nation.

Guy Benson [00:10:42] Speaking of Omar, she was tweeting the other day about taxpayer funded abortion for illegal immigrants. That is already the law in places like Oregon, that's the the new hard core position that a lot of Democrats are taking. I wonder Kayleigh if and I think this is you know hypothetically. Stay with me here. Let's say there were an active Republican primary this cycle and there wasn't an incumbent. I kind of feel like the media would be pressing repeatedly every single Republican running for president on what they feel about the Georgia abortion law or the Alabama abortion law. They the press is extremely biased on the abortion issue. Here is a position that is now law in Oregon. It's been made law by the lawmakers there and signed by the Democratic governor. It's now being touted by a member at least one member of the squad and Ilhan Omar-- abortion paid for by taxpayers for illegal immigrants. Shouldn't the media be asking every Democrat running for president whether or not they support that. And if not based on all their other positions why not.

Kayleigh McEnany [00:11:48] Yeah. They absolutely should. I mean that's a pretty remarkable position that you're hearing from Omar as embraced by Oregon. You know you have the cross section of two really radical ideas of providing taxpayer funded benefit to illegal immigrants and doing so on abortion where now we know Democrats want abortion until birth. I mean this hit data. It's got to be a policy that no fewer than 15 percent support, because we know that's about where the polling stands for late term abortion. That's incredible. I mean it's truly incredible and you're right that if it were the Republican Party every single candidate would be asked this question. But I think you're going to be hard pressed to hear that from CNN next week when we're out in Detroit at the Democrat debate. But we certainly will be looking forward to advocate each candidate being asked about this.

Guy Benson [00:12:36] Yeah. No I mean it's it's one of those things where I feel like there are occasions where a double standards are so acute and undeniable that you simply lay it out and people who are intellectually honest have to say yes. I mean this would be a feeding frenzy among the press-- asking every Republican to get into every nuance of these state level laws and asking them Well look you know this backbencher Republican congressman said let's remember and remember the comments about legitimate rape that became a national story in the 2012 cycle every Republican asked about that. And this is way off the deep end policies on abortion and other things for the Democrats this time around it kind of seems like they're getting a pass on it. And I think there's one reason why. And I think we know what that reason is. Kayleigh McEnany is the national press secretary for Team Trump the 2020 re-elect. Probably I would say overall a good week for you guys and I'd imagine you're hoping that you'll have another good week next week when the Democrats are back on stage as you mentioned in Detroit fighting it out to see who can push one another farther off the cliff, Kayleigh.

Kayleigh McEnany [00:13:42] Yeah that's right. And we at the campaign will be there, at least a few of us, and you know we were just there was an audible gasp when all the Democrats raise their hand in favor of taxpayer funded health care for illegal immigrants. And I wish they'd be asked a hand raising question on this Oregon law. But apparently Democrats are quite upset by the hand raising questions so I doubt one will be asked. But this would be a prime moment to ask the question.

Guy Benson [00:14:08] I know CNN said they're not going to. The DNC objected and CNN apparently agreed they were not going to ask that type of question format again but it was I think was pretty revealing and I can understand why the Democrats would prefer questions that help muddy the water. Kayleigh McEnany from Team Trump 2020. Thank you so much for your time.

Kayleigh McEnany [00:14:24] Thank you Guy.

Guy Benson [00:14:26] We're gonna step aside and we're going to come back with more news. A Daily Beast exclusive about President Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein. We'll explain that after this.