Social media mania, computer crazed, smart phone savvy and oh yeah, more spiritual than religious. The Millennial generation may have an affinity for avocado toast and taking selfies, but they shun organized religion having been raised on the internet and individual freedoms, aka 'determining right and wrong for themselves.' But something happened to a few of those Millennials who are now searching  for something beyond a surface spirituality. They craved a foundational faith that transcends theirs, and their parents' generation. That's who Lauren and Michael McAffee represent. Their book, "Not What You Think: Why The Bible Might Be Nothing We expected Yet Everything We Need," is a commentary on the state of their generation's spiritual mindset, but also a candid prescription of what it actually needs and hungers for. Their own spiritual genealogy shows a strong religious background. Lauren is the daughter of Stephen Green, head of the Hobby Lobby franchise, and major benefactor of the Museum of the Bible. But that disclaimer allows her to be honest about her own spiritual questions. She and Michael have made their faith their own. They've looked at the evidence, and now want to tell their contemporaries what they concluded.