I'm Lauren Simonetti, co-host of Fox Business' "FBN:AM," and host of the podcast "We're Momming Today!" This Memorial Day, I'm sharing "Holding Down the Homefront", a tribute to our women heroes, those who served their country with honor, and the wives and mothers of those who served as well. These women have run households, raised children, opened businesses, enrolled in graduate school, involved themselves in politics -- all -- to better themselves, their families and our nation.

In this special you will hear from Jennifer Nelson, a mother to 6-year-old Eva, and wife of Air Force Captain Nathan Nelson who was paralyzed below his chest after a rocket-blast in Afghanistan; McKayla Hale, wife of Army Staff Sergeant Aaron Hale and new mom to two twin boys; Major Lauren Schulz, a Marine and a mom of 3 young children; and the wife of a Marine, the mother of a Marine, and a Marine herself, Cathie Ennis.

Thank you for listening to their stories as we honor and remember those who served and sacrificed. Happy Memorial Day.