Mike Huckabee responds to Chris Christie saying he will owe him an apology after reading his book.

(Brian Kilmeade-January 21, 2019) What's your reaction because Chris Christie is still on good terms with the President?

(Mike Huckabee-January 21, 2019) I would say after this book the answer would be no. The President doesn't like people who violate his trust. I don't either. I like Chris he's a friend and I respect him. But I think when people go out and they take things that they've learned in private and in secret and they betrayed the trust of someone who gave them confidence. I just think that's wrong. I think to profit off that is not appropriate. And he may have those feelings about some of those people. I have no idea whether he's angry because he didn't get hired into the cabinet. I just don't know. But I don't think that the best way to help this president and this country is to undermine the people that he did hire. And you know to be vicious about it and I'm disappointed that Chris would do this.

(Chris Christie- January 29, 2019) I love Mike Huckabee. We've been friends for a decade. I wish he would have giving me a little more benefit of the doubt and actually seen the book before he condemned me and it and I think Mike is going to be a big apology when he reads the book. And you know what. When he apologizes to me Brian I'll accept it because I like the guy he's a good guy with a big heart and a wonderful person. And so I forgive him for prejudging something he had read.

(Brian Kilmeade) All right Governor, your serve. Governor Huckabee in studio to Chris Christie's answer who was in studio for a full hour.

(Mike Huckabee) Now I've got to read his book. Look I do like Christie and that's the whole point. And I do need to read the book. I've heard some things that he said and apparently it's not that critical of the president who is the one that I feel like he has some loyalty to. I don't know that he said anything that's not true. It's just I still would like to think that if you have a position of trust that you're very careful in what you do with that trust and if you tell things you tell them in the most positive way that you possibly can because revealing things that hurt other people still in the organization, what value does that have? So if he's and I get it that he's unhappy with Jared and I understand all that. But anyway I'll try to read the book, I really will and then if I need to I will apologize to Chris because I like him. I want to remain friends with him and I'm not mad at him and I don't think he's mad at me.

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Mike Huckabee spoke with Brian Kilmeade about whether democrats will compromise on border security, Howard Schultz running for president as an independent, how republicans and democrats can find middle ground on healthcare and whether he will apologize for saying he was disappointed in Chris Christie for violating President Trump's trust with his new book.

Plus, Huckabee talked about his daughter Sarah Sanders saying God 'wanted Donald Trump to become president' and third trimester abortions.

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