FOX’s Chad Pergram fills you in about the General Admiral on this week’s ‘Speaker’s Lobby’:

I’m Chad Pergram with the Speaker’s Lobby.

You never quite know what you’ll learn when you pay close attention to the United States Senate.

A dispute between President Trump and Congressional Democrats may have shuttered parts of the federal government. But that didn’t mean the Senate wasn’t advancing other business.

Such was the case when the Senate moved to clear, not confirm, a number of military figures for promotion.

Among those up for a new gig? Army Col. Kevin Admiral. Admiral’s new position? Army Brigadier General. In other words, the Army now has a General Admiral.

The U.S. military doesn’t have field marshals. But Congress made General George Marshall a five star general back in the 1940’s. 

It was suggested at the time that soldiers should address Marshall as Marshal Marshall. 

How about this… In New York City, the most southerly crossing into Gotham from New Jersey is the Outerbridge Crossing. It’s the outermost bridge. But that’s not why the bridge is called that. The Outerbridge Crossing is named after Eugenius Harvey Outerbridge, the first chair of the Port Authority of New York.

Had they named it something else, the span would have been the Outerbridge Bridge.

With the Speaker’s Lobby, Chad Pergram, FOX News.

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