(Wente Vineyards/Instagram)

A work-day off, just for you.

Wente Wines, the 135-year-old California family business launched "make time" this year.

Amy Hoopes is president of Wente Vineyards:

(Hoopes): "It's paid time off, and it's separate from your vacation days or your sick days, it's us giving our employees a little nudge, so they can step away from their job and still get paid for it, and maybe catch an afternoon soccer game for their kid, or a friend is flying through town and being able to get to the airport and meet them for a drink."

You earn up to a day off:

(Hoopes): "What we do is we actually anchor it around your anniversary date, so the first time you're eligible for "make time off" as we call it - is at your first year anniversary. Within 30 days surrounding your actual anniversary date, you are gifted four hours on your first anniversary and eight hours every year after that."

She says it fits with the company's philosophy as a wine-maker:

(Hoopes): "Understanding that is a core part of what wine does, it brings people together to share relationships, we wanted to give it back to our employees."

She says it's a great way to pay back Wente's workers, many of them have been with the company for 20 years or more. Nearly all of Wente's 700 employees are eligible for the additional paid day off.

Ginny Kosola, FOX News.

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