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FOX’s Joy Piazza talks sleep in today’s “Housecall for Health”:

This is Housecall for Health.

Here’s what may be the secret to getting a better night’s sleep: It’s your pajamas. Researchers in Australia say if your jammies are made of wool, you’ll sleep longer, and better than if you wear cotton.

The researchers recruited sleepers both old and young and found that those in their woolies fell asleep more quickly and stayed asleep up to 15 minutes longer than those trying to snooze in cotton.

The researchers say it has to do with body temperature. Wool is considered good at regulating temperature, keeping you nice and cozy.

This was a small study, involving only 53 test subjects and was published as the wool industry was celebrating “Wool Week”.

Another study is trying to confirm these results and it too is being paid for by wool supporters. But, if you have trouble sleeping, instead of counting sheep, maybe you should consider wearing sheep!

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