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The epic scale Neil deGrasse Tyson hosted show “Cosmos” gave New York Comic-Con a sneak peek of season 3 “Possible Worlds”. While there we caught up with Tyson and spoke about the fandom at the crossroads of Science and Sci-Fi these days:

(Tyson): “Really committed Sci-Fi fans care about the Science. Otherwise they just care about the fiction and you don’t need the Sci. If you just care about the fiction there’s the whole rest of the fiction world.”

Though the Astrophysicist may not weigh in on Sci-Fi movies as much anymore, even though he was just trying to help!:

(Tyson): “I’m so misunderstood that I basically stopped commenting on movies because I only comment on the premise that I’m helping you appreciate the movie, making it better.”

As for that upcoming season of Universe Exploration:

(Tyson): “So much of it is sort of allegory for how, what kind of shepherds are we on earth and our own fate here on earth. So it’s an exploration of life. Life on worlds. How life ends on worlds. How life thrives on worlds.”

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