I’m Ashley Dvorkin with a FOX Celebrity Profile on Terrence Howard.

Howard returns as Lucious Lyon for ‘Empire’ Season 5 and shares how it’s a very different story for the family at the center of this show now, having lost the empire!:

(Lyon): “We don’t know where anything is and it’s restoring what’s important. And trying to pull the family back or what’s left of the family.”

He’s attached to the character, but he says it’s important to separate from it at the end of the day:

(Lyon): “After wearing a suit for 17 hours or carrying a bag for 17 hours you have to strap marks all into your skin. And it takes a whole night and a bath. To try and get it out and sometimes there’s bruises left behind from these characters and you have to be very careful with the pieces and the characters you pick and you can you can become monsters because you get defensive. For that man you forget that. Your character is as much yours as it is the writers also and the creators in it’s finding that balance between what the network expects what the audience expects and what the truth needs.”

Howard says it’s a great and challenging experience being part of a drama like this:

(Lyon): “As an actor to be hit with a scene like some of the stuff they get at they hit us with on the show. You know it’s very hard to make work. But the challenge is making something that seems like it won’t fit you know, fit seamlessly you know. So as an actor to be hit with something brand new every week every, three days, that’s really exciting.”

Ashley Dvorkin, FOX News.

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