Divorce can be a painful experience for the whole family, but there are ways to help ease the transition for the children.

FOX’s Lisa Brady has part two of this ‘FOX on Family’:

When Joryn Jenkins was seven-years-old, her parents divorced:

(Jenkins): “My mother loaded me and my three little sisters into a van and moved us 3,000 miles away and I never saw my father again.”

And she spent the next 40 years somehow blaming herself. Now a family lawyer, Jenkins urges couples to nip that possibility in the bud, with counseling if need be, also noting it can be just as traumatic for grown children.

For younger kids, there are ways to make the logistics of splitting up a bit easier:

(Jenkins): “Think of it what you will; the couple moves in and out of the house and the children stay right where they are. That’s called nesting here in Florida.”

Or, depending on resources, one parent will just move nearby. She says it’s smart to try possible solutions:

(Jenkins): “If you can settle some things before you even see lawyers, then you’ve settled some things and you’re not gonna spend that money.”

Jenkins also says once the stress and expense of divorce set in, things can change:

(Jenkins): “They run out of money… they become more reasonable. It’s very sad.”

With FOX on Family, I’m Lisa Brady.


Joryn Jenkins is a family lawyer and best-selling author of books including “War or Peace: Avoid the Destruction of Divorce Court.” She says she tries to help people keep focused on the best interests of the children and that it also can be helpful to have a preliminary consultation about the divorce process before taking any action.