Hackers and scammers have found new ways to target college students. Adam Levin, founder of Cyber-Scout, says one claims to be the IRS collecting tax on student loans. They are not taxed. And watch out if you’re looking for a part-time job:

(Levin) “Beware of any job opportunity where they ask you to give them money for upfront supplies or training, or hire you without an interview.”

Levin says always follow this advice:

(Levin) “Never ever give out your social security information, banking or credit card data over the telephone to anyone unless you initiated the conversation and it is a legitimate¬†contact for you.”

Levin says there are even scams involving student loan forgiveness and voter registration.¬†He says parents should even consider freezing college students’ credit while they’re in school.

I’m Ginny Kosola.