Trump administration officials are praising the recent agreement by President Trump and the President of Mexico to revise key parts of NAFTA.

FOX’s Jon Decker has more from the White House:

President Trump’s Chief Economic Advisor, Larry Kudlow, told FOX News that the bilateral trade deal with Mexico is a big improvement over the original North American Free Trade Agreement:

(Kudlow) “It has a higher domestic for North America content , that’s a good thing because we really don’t want China to encroach. They won’t let us in their place so we’re gonna have to protect our own workers.”

But under the deal, car makers with assembly plants in Tennessee, Alabama and South Carolina could suffer if they import more than 25% of their parts.

The President said he’s ready to jettison Canada from NAFTA if the country does not get on board quickly.

At the White House, Jon Decker, FOX News.