When your family vacation hits a bump in the road, how do you get it back on track? Fox's Lisa Brady reports in this week's Fox on Family.

Family vacations are supposed to be fun, but they also can be stressful... when the kids start fighting:

(Wittman) "Well, the first thing is before you even go into it, you've got to change your mindset. So here's job number one for a family vacation, is to build great memories."

Doctor, former Marine and father of three Andrew Wittman, says loosen up tolerance and tell the kids to be more tolerant of each other before you go:

(Wittman) "And so if you start out with that, a lot of that stuff gets nipped in the bud and you're not freaking out about the normal stuff, I'm not trying to correct your behaviors, that's just irritating me and you let a lot of stuff go."

If a blow up happens anyway, take a 20 minute break, while the hormone break subsides:

(Wittman) "Take nothing personal that they say during the 20 minutes, they're not rational, we've all be there. And then we pick up and act like nothing happened and move on."

You can always circle back to it later, but minimize an issue,  during the trip so it doesn't become the biggest memory.

For younger kids, it might be a meltdown instead, Wittman says that's usually a sign to slow down the pace.

With FOX on Family, I'm Lisa Brady.