Fox News Investigates producers Cristina Corbin and Andrew Keiper are in Brooklyn, Iowa this week covering the disappearance of 20-year-old Mollie Tibbetts. The University of Iowa student was last seen jogging on July 18th in the rural area surrounding her boyfriend's home, where she was dog-sitting.

Mollie's family, friends and community speak to us about the on-going search.

Laura Calderwood Mollie Tibbett's mom Laura Calderwood spoke to us about the morning she learned of her daughter's disappearance. She shares her last text conversation with Mollie, and the moment she knew something was "terribly wrong."

Robbin Cornett & Mike Allgood Andrew Keiper speaks with Robbin Cornett and Mike Allgood - two local Brooklyn, Iowa citizens. They discuss Mollie's disappearance and the fundraising efforts. Robbin also shares her experience being interviewed by the FBI, in her kitchen. Mike talks about other disappearances in the state. Both talk about law enforcement's role in the search, and laud their efforts.

Kaitlin Gibson Kaitlin Gibson works at The Classic Deli in downtown Brooklyn. Her sister graduated with Mollie, and she's in the same grade as his younger brother Scott. She shares how the disappearance has upended the community, especially among younger people. Kaitlin talks about how Mollie's case has brought human trafficking into the conversation.

Julie Weiss Julie Weiss is an employee at Brooklyn Guernsey Malcom school district whose son graduated with Mollie and knows both Mollie and her boyfriend's families. Julie helped with the initial canvassing and searching.

Linda Massengale Linda Massengale is the store manager at Casey's General Store near Mollie's boyfriend Dalton Jack's home. She says she's unable to share the surveillance tape with Fox News Investigates, but talked about sharing it with authorities and what she remembers from those nights and the rescue efforts. Dalton even worked for Linda in the past. She says in Brooklyn "everybody pulls together."