Kevin Bacon and his band the Bacon Brothers are out with a new album featuring a song called 'Tom Petty T-Shirt.' I caught up with Kevin and Michael Bacon back stage at the White House Correspondents Jam, a party thrown the night before the White House correspondents dinner in DC.

(Bacon) "We were trying to get this gig for about three years and it never seemed to work out and this year all the stars lined up and here we are."

We talked as they were walking to the front of the venue, navigating food, waiters and carts as we hustled through the kitchen to the stage.

"Hi Kevin, I'm Laura Ingle, FOX News - we're walking and doing a radio interview and we're talking about the new album with your brother and we're really walking through the kitchen. This is really like a movie scene right now. And you guys are hitting the road, I was looking at your tour schedule... (Bacon): Yeah a bunch of dates in June."

They'll be doing 40 shows and chances are you'll hear a Petty tune, which the Bacon Brothers bust out right after their song about a T-shirt bearing his name.

Laura Ingle, FOX News.