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Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) spoke with Brian Kilmeade about the James Comey memos on his meetings with President Trump being released and the inspector general's report on Andrew McCabe. Gowdy says the Comey memos would be "exhibit A" for the defense in an obstruction of justice trial. Gowdy also calls out Comey for a double standard for leaking his memos about President Trump because he was disappointed with being fired but not leaking anything when he felt Loretta Lynch was not fit to oversee the investigation into Hillary Clinton's e-mail server.

Congressman Trey Gowdy On James Comey's double standard of leaking his memo on President Trump because he was disappointed at being fired yet not leaking about Loretta Lynch for being unfit to oversee the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation

(GOWDY) Comey criticized leaks in his memos and he leaked one of the memos to a law professor and he did it to spur special council. Brian that is my problem, you did it to Trump to spur special council but when Loretta Lynch, in your judgement was not fit to oversee the Clinton e-mail investigation, you didn't say a word to anybody. You didn't leak it to the Washington Post, you didn't leak it to the New York Times. You kept that secret but when Trump disappointed you by firing you, you had no problems leaking. That is a double standard and is antithetical to a book on ethics and morality

Congressman Trey Gowdy on whether President Trump or James Comey are lying about their encounters

(GOWDY) I will bet you it happened with President Trump and Jim Comey, they both think they are telling the truth. They both witnessed the same event and they have diametrically different recollections of it. That doesn't mean one of them is lying it means one of them is wrong. A lie is an intent to deceive about a material fact.

Congressman Trey Gowdy On Andrew McCabe

(GOWDY) Andy McCabe is making what we call a strawman argument. So what if he had permission from Comey, he didn't have permission from Comey to lie to the investigators who were interviewing him he is not in trouble because he dint follow Jim Comey's instructions. He is not in trouble for leaking, he is not in trouble for publically acknowledging a criminal probe. He would not have lost his job for either one of those even though they are violations of policy. He got fired, he is in trouble because on three separate occasions under oath with an obligation to tell the truth, he did not do so. Whether or not Comey knew about it or gave him permission is secondary to the fact when he was asked under oath about it in the opinion of Michael Horowitz who by the way Brian I have said from day one is a straight shooter and a good guy and I think the rest of the world is finding out right now is Michael Horowitz is exactly what you want in an inspector general. McCabe is in trouble for lying, he is not in trouble for any of the stuff he is talking about.

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