Tomas H. Holmlund, M.D. Attending Neurologist and Medical Director of the Neuromuscular Center/MDA Clinic at DENT Neurologic Institute and John Hamilton,  a carpenter for more than 30 years who was diagnosed with ALS in 2016. Hamilton recently began treatment with RADICAVA and is a patient of Dr. Holmlund.

Dr. Holmlund discusses what ALS is and how this disease affect patients, how prevalent ALS is in the U.S;  who is most often affected by this disease; what physical function loss do you typically see in ALS patients as well as what  this treatment option mean for people with ALS.

John Hamilton shares with us his story about being diagnosed, and living, with ALS and discuss his greatest hope for the ALS community. He will also give advice for others living with or caring for people with ALS.

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