What did kids want to see under the tree this year?

Kids are now attracted to high-tech toys by the time they're two, but this year's hottest toy wasn't a gadget.

Linda Bolton Weiser, senior analyst at DA Davidson says the hardest toy to find was the "Fingerlings," from WowWee, a character that sits on your finger.

"They come in animal characters or shapes, and they kind of fit on your finger like little finger puppets and they're very cute. But, it's really a basic toy, not a highly electronic toy or anything like that."

Weiser says "Fingerlings" were very hard to find, and at one point the $20 toy was spotted online for hundreds of dollars. Weiser says some traditional toys were selling this year too.

"Other popular toys continue to be the standbys every year like 'Hot Wheels' and 'Barbie,' and 'Nerf' and 'Transformers,' but movie related properties also had hot toys: 'Cars 3' and 'Star Wars.'

Weiser says Toys "R" Us, which filed for bankruptcy reorganization this year, has a challenge competing with the deep discounts at Amazon and Wal-Mart.