The JFK files are out. Well, sort of. After President Donald Trump promised transparency in a tweet earlier in the week, thousands are still being withheld by the government after some were released Thursday night.

On Friday, former CIA officer Mike Baker joined The Tom Shillue Show to explain the continued secrecy.

Baker, who investigated the assassination for his Travel Channel series "America Declassified", isn't too surprise by the decision to keep some files secret -- for now. However, he's less suspicious than some who think it's a deep state cover up.

Because the JFK investigation was so large, Baker believes it probably contains sensitive information about seemingly unrelated classified issues and our intelligence gathering tactics.

Baker also is skeptical about the idea there was a major conspiracy behind the assassination. He says it would have been possible for Lee Harvey Oswald to have killed the President by himself.

However, Baker doesn't deny Oswald's past raises a lot of questions and that his trips to Mexico just before the murder are interesting.