They all want what Seattle has: Amazon. The online retail giant confirming 238 cities from across North America submitted proposals to host its second headquarters. In the U.S. only seven states don't have cities in the running and the suitors are willing to spend millions to help Amazon feel at home.

Seattle's economy did get a boost from Amazon, more than $30 billion worth for the city's economy, just from the company's investments in the city, billions more from spinoff businesses and 40,000 jobs. The Bellingham Herald noting the city's unemployment rate is below the national average.

But keeping up with the growth is an issue, the city approving hundreds of millions of dollars in transportation and utility improvements. And the nation's fastest growing city is also one of the most expensive places to live. Rents in King County up 65 percent since 2009, though the rising renting has been an issue nationwide.

FOX's Lisa Brady speaks with Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson, who says she isn't worried about the cost and says the city has a rail system and highways to make it viable, plus a seaport. Brady also chats with FOX News' Jeff Flock, who covered the story in Chicago.

Listen to the interview below: