'Angry Birds' creators make a tribute to a legendary heavy metal band.

FOX's Eammonn Dignam explains in this "FOX Bits":

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Fans of the heavy metal band Iron Maiden will soon be saying their mantra "Up the Irons" to 'Angry Birds Evolution'.

The PC, Console and Mobile game by Rovio putting the bands mascot in the game as a tribute.

The ghoulish 'Eddie T. Head' will be transformed into four cartoonish birds, the incarnations of the character will be based off  album art for  their latest release "Book Of Souls," and iconic albums "Killers," "Powerslave," and "Somewhere In Time."
Cuphead by Studio M-D-H-R passing 1 million copies in sales in two weeks time.
The game inspired by 1930's style animation with the protaganists Cuphead, and Mugman resembling Mickey Mouse.

The plot is similar of  the Charlie Daniels hit song.... "The Devil Went Down To Georgia." Where a young boy makes a deal with the devil and then bests the beast.
The game has been in the works for seven years.... and is notoriously difficult.
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