Eminem drops a beat about the President and sounding out against his fans who voted for him.

FOX’s Carley Shimkus reports:

Rapper Eminem ripping into President Trump during a freestyle rap session that aired during the BET Hip Hop Awards:

(Eminem/BET) “But we better give Obama props. ‘Cause what we got in office now’s a kamikaze. That’ll probably cause a nuclear holocaust.”

The rapper also called the President a racist and attacked him over his border wall, his use of Twitter and issued a tribute to Colin Kaepernick. The former 49ers quarterback responded on Twitter writing, “I appreciate you Eminem.”

LeBron James also endorsed the rap on Twitter writing, “United.”

Eminem ended the rap by saying he doesn’t want any Trump supporters as fans.

Carley Shimkus, FOX News.

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