A multi-millionaire author and Modernist chef shares his discoveries about bread.

FOX’s Lilian Woo reports:

I’m Lilian Woo, FOX News.

The author of the ground breaking ‘Modernist Cuisine’ has been spending the last four years delving into the mysteries of bread and now he’s ready to debunk some myths such as:

(Myhrvold) “Kneading is a fraud. Kneading does something, but it really isn’t there to develop the gluten. That just happens when you make the flour wet.”

Nathan Myhrvold also contending that research doesn’t definitively show whole grains are better for you. Reason being they have an anti-nutrient effect, which makes many of the vitamins in them, unusable by our bodies.

And the man with state of the art equipment in his kitchen lab, some worth thousands of dollars, says the ultimate bread knife is pretty affordable:

(Myhrvold) “An electric carving knife. They cut evenly, they leave fewer crumbs on the board.”

His five volume ‘Modernist Bread’ comes out November 7th.

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