At what age are we set on the "love of our lives"?

How we think about dating in our teens and 20's is a lot different than in our 30's and 40's. Different age group-different "love" mindset, says relationship coach and podcast host, who goes by the name G-Fem, who's observed a pattern in relationship views:

"Age 18 through 23, this fist category is less concerned about serious relationship or dating a serious individual."

G-Fem says this group is about having fun and isn't thinking long term relationships. The mindset seems to change towards your late 20's:

"27 to 31, they have gone through some bad relationships. They are wiser, learned a little about the other sex and can easily describe who their ideal partner should be."

In other words, they're thinking more about the long-term:

"31 to 35, they are avid lovers of everything about relationships (books, seminars, movies, radio/TV programs). They know who they want & who they don't want."

By 40, it's all about marriage and finally settling down, if they haven't yet.

With FOX on Love, I'm Ashley Papa.

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