It was 11 minutes of hell. Las Vegas killer Stephen Paddock had a perfect vantage point from a hotel window, looking down on thousands of concert-goers below and he had a lot of guns. 23 just in the hotel room, more at home.

But as the nation mourns, there is a growing focus on the kind of weapons used and one gun accessory in particular.  It’s called a “bump stock,” some say it can turn a semi-automatic weapon into an automatic weapon. FOX’s Lisa Brady speaks with former Navy SEAL & FBI agent Jonathan T. Gilliam about the difference between automatic and semi-automatic weapons and what Congress can do about the issue.

Listen to the interview below:

Jonathan T. Gilliam is a Navy SEAL, Federal Air Marshal, DHS advisor, and Special Agent with the FBI, Sirius XM radio host, and opinion writer with contributing articles published by IJ Review and The Daily Caller, Jonathan T. Gilliam possesses operational experience in military Special Forces combined with experience in multiple local and federal law enforcement agencies and has expertise in: Crisis Management, Military Special Ops, FBI Operations, A Deep Understanding of the Political Structure of Local State, Federal Law Enforcement, and Intelligence.

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