The US has announced the expulsion of 15 Cuban diplomats saying Cuba failed to protect US diplomats from what the State Department describes as unexplained 'attacks'. Cuba's Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez called the move was 'hasty' and 'unjustified'. About two dozen US personnel have complained of mystery illnesses ranging from mild dizziness and nausea to brain trauma and deafness. The decision was made after getting no answers from the Cuban government on why or what happened to those Americans.

FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony spoke with Dr. Brian Latell, former National Intelligence Officer for Latin America, about whether this signals a return to a cold relationship with Cuba:

Dr. Latell has written three books about the relationship between the United States and Cuba. His latest book: "History Will Absolve Me: Fidel Castro: Life and Legacy" is available as an e-book on the Kindel.