Nintendo releases their newest retro gaming console and some game voice actors are getting a raise.

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It’s here kind of… the second retro system by Nintendo, the SNES Classic Edition hit stores on the 29th, priming for the holiday season.

The new system comes with 21 iconic games inside the system, including the very first official version of ‘Star Fox II’:

Nintendo had a hard time keeping their first retro system, the NES Classic on the shelves.
They promised they will not have the same problem.

Voice actors of Sag-AFTRA has been striking against 11 heavy hitting game companies like Activision and Electronic Arts since October 2016.
The strike has effected many beloved characters in games, including the actress who plays Chloe Price in the Square Enix’s ‘Life is Strange’ series,  originally Ashly Burch, who during the strike was replaced for the sequel by Rhianna DeVries:

SAG-AFTRA’s says the the new structure provides voice actors with “significantly larger” bonus payments.
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