Steve McQueen and Billy Graham: A Movie Icon’s Spiritual Quest

They called him “The King of Cool.” Steve McQueen was the world’s highest paid actor in the 1970’s. Along with his magnetic on-screen persona, he was known for his fast cars and even faster life, one marked by womanizing, drinking and prolific drug use. Because McQueen’s production company rejected a script, Charles Manson had his name on a hit list and McQueen came close to being murdered, along with his close friends Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring and three others in  1968. That still failed to provide a needed wake-up call for the troubled actor, who was haunted by his abusive childhood for much of his life.

FOX’s Jane Metzler talks with director Jon Erwin about his new documentary film “Steve McQueen: American Icon.” In theatres September 28th, it features a taped interview McQueen gave two weeks before his death. Also interviewed, McQueen’s third wife; along with a former actress-girlfriend who chose him over continuing a relationship with Elvis. Narrated by actor Gary Sinise, Academy Award winner Mel Gibson is also in the film, along with famed evangelical preacher, Pastor Greg Laurie. He talks about McQueen’s little-known search for a spiritual life and explains how McQueen came to be holding Billy Graham’s personal Bible when he died of cancer in 1980.

Listen to the interview below:

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