For many parents, today's ever-changing technology can be a scary thing. But more and more schools expect access to technology for homework.

FOX's Lisa Brady has tips on how to navigate tech choices in this week's "FOX on Family":

It used to be only some schools used computers in class, now you can find kindergarteners with tablet in hand and many standardized tests on computer:

(Kantra) "As early as second grade my kids were being asked to do research on the web with specific websites, so having these types of devices where kids can actually just even complete their homework is really necessary."

Suzanne Kantra, founder of says the key for parents is to match kids with the right device for their age.

For younger kids, you might get away with a cheaper laptop or a tablet:

(Kantra) "And then when they get older in school they might need more processing power and then obviously when you get into college you want to invest a little more in the technology so it will take them through the full four years."

Kantra says parental controls also keep evolving. You can set time limits, even use a home router to give some devices an Internet curfew. And teach your kids not only about online dangers, but the importance of strong passwords.

Understanding technology to use it effectively.

With FOX on Family, I'm Lisa Brady.

Suzanne Kantra, founder and Editor-in-Chief of, also recommends protecting tech investments; for instance, using a padded cover for a tablet. She also emphasizes the importance of parental controls to help protect kids from inappropriate content and to help prevent kids from spending too much time on devices.

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