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In the emotional new drama ‘Stronger’ Jake Gyllenhaal plays Boston marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman, who lost both his legs in the attack. Jeff shared why he trusted Jake and this team with his story:

(Bauman) “They were striving to make it real and to be so accurate with everything and I loved that.”

Jake discussed the point of view their film shows:

(Gyllenhaal) “It’s about real love and connection between people who love each other, family and community that get each other through a really hard time. And I think Jeff’s story is incredible because he was put in a position, he was thrust there without any desire or even making a choice you know, almost just like sucker punched in a way. And then lifted up by his community, and by his family, and particularly by the love of this incredible woman.”

And he spoke about a message that can be taken from the film:

(Gyllenhaal) “Jeff says it in the movie. He’s like, if I’m going to be okay, you’re going to be okay right? And it’s just an incredible thing to hear.”

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