FOX’s Ashley Dvorkin chats with Rascal Flats in today’s “FOX Celebrity Profile”:

Country music group Rascal Flatts tells me about their album ‘Back to Us.’ Jay DeMarcus spoke about how much work they did in the writers room for it:

(DeMarcus) “You know you’re just moving in breakneck speed and it’s so hard to keep up with yourself and then be a father when you get back home. And then be out on the road with the extensive touring schedule we have, so this time because we were able to take our time, we were able to write a lot more for this record. We all have several cuts apiece on the record. Which is nice because, you know, any time there is something that you say personally, I feel like the record is more personable.”

And when it comes to collaborations featured, Gary LeVox noted one he’s extremely excited for fans to hear:

(LeVox) “Lauren Alaina, so we did a duet on this record. She sings her brains out on the song that the three of us wrote called ‘Are You Happy Now.’ I mean she killed it. She absolutely killed it! (DeMarcus) “They both sound really great together.”

Ashley Dvorkin, FOX News.

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