An Illinois woman was hoping for less prison time in a cancer fraud case... but got more instead.

FOX's Anna Eliopoulos reports:

Melissa Barton said that both she and her son had cancer and for that, she was given donations to help their cause. But the jig was up when in July she pled guilty to two counts of felony theft by deception and was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Barton and her public defender thought the sentence was too harsh, so they asked for a reconsideration: probation. Well, that backfired on Thursday when Madison County Judge Kyle Napp gave her a two-year sentence.

He said that time is the minimum the law requires and that anything less would undermine "the seriousness of the crime."

The defense called the new sentence "even more unfair than the original one."

Anna Eliopoulos, FOX News.