Technical Issues with Mayweather/McGregor Fight Broadcast Leads to Lawsuits

    There were streaming issues for this past weekend’s Floyd Mayweather/Connor McGregor fight and that’s leading to legal action!

    FOX’s Jim MacKay reports:

    Right before the fight last Saturday in Las Vegas, there were thousands of social media posts, people claiming the stream of the $100 pay per view fight was starting to fail or just not working altogether.

    Now there have been two separate class action lawsuits filed in federal court. One in Oregon claiming unlawful trade practices and one in New York saying it was a breach of contract with their streaming failures.

    The fight was delayed on Saturday night because of all of these issues and the network Showtime who broadcast the fight, had to come out with a statement in response to all the complaints and technical issues.

    Jim MacKay, FOX News.

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