Spanish authorities say they have shot and killed the man behind the Barcelona terrorist van attack.

But as FOX's Simon Owen explains from the European Bureau, the operation is still ongoing:

It's understood that he was wearing what appeared to be an explosive belt. I say appeared because sometimes terrorists will wear a fake belt to encourage police to open fire on them and they then die what they see as a martyrs death.

But the reports initially from this incident in Subirats suggested that this man who police shot and killed was wearing what appeared to be an explosive belt. 

He's accused of killing 13 people with the van, and also a 14th person, another man who was stabbed to death as Abouyaaqoub stole a car in the moments following the van attack on Thursday.

But the news just in from Spanish authorities, they are confirming that they've got their man. Younes Abouyaaqoub believed to be the van driver in Thursday's Barcelona attack, shot dead.