Movies and music are a perfect way to set the mood for Monday's Eclipse and luckily there are tons of pop-culture references to choose from.

FOX's Michelle Pollino has the fifth installment of our special feature "The Solar Eclipse: Path of Totality":

(Makepeace) "People go nuts, when they're standing in the shadow of the moon."

(Pink Floyd) "I'll see you on he dark side of the moon."

David Makepeace is an eclipse chaser and filmmaker, when it comes to music:

(Makepeace) "Of course you've got Carly Simon with 'You're So Vain' where we believe she's talking about Warren Beatty."

(Simon) "To see the total eclipse of the sun."

And Makepeace has an entire film database on his website, saying the eclipse is best used in film as a reflection of the emotional state of the character, among his the top rated Mel Gibson's 'Apocolypto':

(Makepeace) "And just as the protagonist Jaguar Paw is being led up the steps to have his head locked off. The emperor looks up and notices that a total eclipse of the sun is taking place. And he takes it as a sign to stop their sacrificial ways."

Other movies depicting eclipses include 'Ladyhawke,' 'Lucy,' 'Delores Claiborne' and 'Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.'

Michelle Pollino, FOX News.


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