Some holocaust survivors are reacting to the white supremacy rally in Charlottesville Virginia.

FOX's Jeff Monosso reports:

Retired Dr. Stan Ostern of Goleta, California lost his family in concentration camps:

(Ostern) "I was lucky enough to be hidden in a bunker from the age of 7-to-9."

Holocaust survivor Reva Kibort of Minneapolis last saw her mother in a Nazi labor camp in Poland where she died of starvation.

She says watching the news and its focus on hate groups like white supremacists is unbearable.:

(Kibort) "Everything comes back to me when." (Ostern) "It really touches me."

They're hoping their pain leads to a teaching moment to peace, tolerance and love across the board, but say:

(Kibort) "Tell these young people if they want to know about war, let them come talk to me."

Jeff Monosso, FOX News.

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