Which 80's pop-legend will be cruising into next Monday's solar eclipse with fans?

FOX's Laura Ingle brings you deep inside the music with this "Bonus Track":

Many people have had Bonnie Tyler's classic tune 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' stuck in their heads as the countdown gets closer to the first total solar eclipse, the continental United States has seen since 1979.

This Monday, August 21, the full eclipse will be visible from 14 states. Other states will only be able to see a partial eclipse and if you're really lucky, you will be on board Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas week-long 'Total Eclipse Cruise' where Bonnie Tyler herself will be belting out her tune live while the ship is positioned in the path of the eclipse.

Tyler tells Time Magazine that the experience is going to be exciting, but notes that the eclipse is only supposed to be two minutes and 40 seconds. Her song is 4 1/2 minutes, which could be a little awkward, but most certainly memorable.

Laura Ingle, FOX News.

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