Imagine coming back from vacation and finding your house broken into. Imagine that your place is cleaner than it was when you left.

FOX's Gary Baumgarten says, that's what happened to one Virginia man:

Cops say, you don't get a case like this one very often. Seems an Arlington, Virginia man came back from a holiday only to find that someone had broken into his apartment. But was anything stolen? No!

Not only that, the apartment had been cleaned. He says it was just like having a maid service. Except, he doesn't employee a maid.

As far as he can tell, while some things have been moved around to stack things a bit neater, nothing's been stolen.

But cops say, that doesn't matter. His apartment was broken into. And good intentions or not, that's still a crime.

Gary Baumgarten, FOX News.

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