First responders on the west coast are reviewing nuclear attack response plans because of heightened tensions with North Korea and according to Jeff Reeb, LA County's Director of Emergency Management, that includes the multi hazard radiological response plan:

(Reeb) "In fact, I was with state director on Monday. I was also with the deputy director from FEMA on Monday we talked about interagency coordination."

LA county sheriffs captain Leonard McCray says part of the plan entails finding out where the exclusionary zone would be, like where the attack happened and coordinating evacuations in some cases around that:

(McCray) "We would immediately try to identify that perimeter. The areas outside of that we would use some of our communication resources like Alert LA to put out messaging with instructions on specifically what they need to do."

He says they along with fire and public health do have some protective gear for those first responders near the attacked area, as well as radiation detection capabilities in some vehicles, aircraft and marine vessels.

Jessica Rosenthal, FOX News.

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