Summer is in full swing and some of the biggest names in music are on the road and raking in the dough, in fact, music fans are not holding back their money when it comes to their favorite bands.

FOX's Laura Ingle takes you deep inside the music with this "Bonus Track":

Fans of live music have been running to grab their tickets to see some of the biggest acts this summer as concert season rocks on. U2 ranking in over $123 million. Guns N' Roses has made over $116 million and heavy metal icons Iron Maiden sold over 200,000 tickets the weekend their tour was announced.

I caught up with lead singer Bruce Dickinson on tour and he says one reason fans keep coming back for more, is they always mix it up:

(Dickinson) "You have to take chances and playing new material is taking a chance, but it gets rewarded when the audience get into it and then come back for more the next time."

And they also try to keep ticket prices reasonable:

(Dickinson) "The most important thing is actually not that you just sell out the show. The most important thing is the people who really love the music, who are active in keeping everything alive in music, can afford to go."

Laura Ingle, FOX News.

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