Reports of Bigfoot roaming the woods of South Carolina bring a plea from a local police department. If you Sasquatch, don't shoot!

FOX's Gary Baumgarten with the story:

The videos are all over the internet... People in the Carolinas claiming to have seen Bigfoot. It may be real. It may be just fun and games. But it could be deadly.

New reports prompting the Greenville, South Carolina police department to post something of its own, pleading with people, if they see Bigfoot, don't shoot!

Because, the cops surmise, you'll most likely be shooting a fun-loving and well-intentioned person wearing a gorilla costume.

Bigfoot investigators, they call themselves Bigfoot 911, claim to have seen a large bipedal animal covered in hair in nearby North Carolina and since then folks have been out in the woods with glow sticks, trying to attract Bigfoot's attention.

Gary Baumgarten, FOX News.

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