Check your 'World of Warcraft' bank... You could be rich in another country if you have enough gold.

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If you're rich in 'World of Warcraft,' you'll be even richer in Venezuela. In black market trade, the bolivar, is worth about half the amount of Gold in Blizzard's massively multi-player online role playing game.

A Caracas Twitter user named KalebPrime noticed the valuation, complaining that it "happened again."

Venezuela is going through a contentious election at the moment, which critics say may be the end of democracy in the country.
It's a hit and it hasn't even officially released yet. PlayerUnknowns 'Battlegrounds' has hit sales of six million copies, earning over $150 million and it is still in beta testing mode. The Battle Royale style game has been broadcast by heavy hitters on YouTube for months. Like Jacksepticeye and Pewdiepie as well as others:

The game is expected to release officially by the end of the year, on the Xbox console and PC's.
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