"I Think Senator McConnell did a great job. He got the bill on the floor, it's very hard to move anything through the senate without the 60 votes ....that being said ... giving up is never an option"

----RNC Chairwoman Rona McDaniel on Senator Mitch McConnell saying it's time to move on from healthcare reform

Ronna McDaniel, Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee spoke with Pete Hegseth on the Brian Kilmeade Show about the next steps for President Trump and congress to repeal and replace Obamacare. McDaniel defended Senator McConnell's efforts in the Senate to push the repeal of the ACA but disagreed with him saying it's time to move on because giving up is never an option. Ronna also discussed General Kelly taking over for Reince Priebus as White House Chief of Staff and her phone call with Anthony Scaramucci discussing building a stronger relationship to help further the President's agenda. When asked about Senator Flake saying the Republican party has given into nativism and needs to get back to traditional conservatism on issues such as free trade and economic freedom, McDaniel respectfully disagreed and added if you look at the President's track record for his first 6 months you see income levels rising while unemployment is falling and President Trump is not against free trade, he is only against deals that are bad for America

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Ronna McDaniel on Senator McConnell saying its time for the President to move on from Healthcare reform

(MCDANIEL)I Think Senator McConnell did a great job. He got the bill on the floor, it's very hard to move anything through the senate without the 60 votes, they are doing it through reconciliation, you lose 3 votes and look you do have a diverse Senate right now. You have Susan Collins on one end and Rand Paul on the other end and they're not finding the middle....that being said I am going back to the grass roots, giving up is never an option. I mean there's no walking away from something where premiums are doubling and people are hurting across this country. You know I run into people every day who tell me how their hours were cut back because of Obamacare so they could be put under the threshold from their company of getting insurance then they had to go find a second job then they had to bring on their own health insurance through Obamacare and premium have doubled people are hurting across this country and they have put republicans in power and they gave the President a senate and a house so that we could get things done and if we cannot get that done, if we cannot show that we can govern we will be held accountable in 2018.

Ronna McDaniel on whether President Trump is a nativist

(MCDANIEL)I respectfully disagree with Senator Flake. Look at what's happened under President Trump even in this first six short six months you've seen consumer confidence at a sixteen year high you see unemployment at a record low you've seen labor participation rates rising incomes rising he's taken strong national security stances specifically with Syria following up on a promise that president Obama made and never completed which is if they use chemical weapons we would take action. You look at TPP and I think that some of the things that center Flake are referring to but president trump has said I am open to trade but I'm not going to engage in trade deals that disadvantage America. I don't think that's anti trade and I certainly don't think that nativism I think that somebody who's putting American interests first.