"We owe it to President Trump to support him. We have the House, we have the Senate, we have the White House, there is no excuse and the American people are incredibly frustrated and they think that it is very self-serving that there are some members who will say well you know I'm not going to support him, you're never going to get everything you want, it's never going to happen like that but you've got to go to the table, take your best ideas and make your best deal, pass it move on."

Congressman Marsha Blackburn on republicans having no excuse for failing to reform healthcare

Congressman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) joined Pete Hegseth on The Brian Kilmeade Show to talk about why republicans in the senate have no excuse for failing to pass healthcare reform. Blackburn said conservatives and moderates in the House came together to pass healthcare reform legislation and the senate needs to live up to their commitment to the American people.

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