A baby boom is underway in a Chicago hospital. And doctors there think they know why.

FOX's Gary Baumgarten with the story:

Dr. Melissa Dennis, an OB-GYN at advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, was wondering what was going on. Then it dawned on her. These babies started coming about nine months after the Chicago Cubs won the World Series!

(Dr. Dennis) "A lot of parents will say, well we know what we were doing about nine months back because the entire city of Chicago was. It was hard not to root for the Cubs."

And new parents, like Erin and Dave Hettinger don't dispute that:

(Hettingers) "I think that the night that the Cubs won the World Series, there was a little extra luck on our side. And just the right amount of champagne."

So in the maternity ward of the hospital you see all these new born babies, decked out in tiny Cubs gear.

Gary Baumgarten, FOX News.

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